Very large red vase with handles

Very large red vase with handles

Very large vase with two handles by Herman Hans Christian Kähler

This generous sized and magnificent earthenware vase with two handles was designed and executed around 1897 by Herman Hans Christian Kähler (b. 1876, d. 1940) with luster decoration by Karl Hansen Reistrup.

Herman Hans Christian Kähler was the son of Herman August Kähler and grandson of Herman Joachim Kähler. Yes, a lot of Hermans. Herman August Kähler was the one who put the Kähler name on the map, and his initials that became the pottery’s HAK-monogram.

This vase is from the time when Herman August Kähler and Karl Hansen Reistrup were creating incredible pieces and showcasing them all over the world. His son, Herman Hans Christian Kähler was in his twenties learning the trade and experimenting along side. Herman H. C. Kähler would some years later take over the family business and change the style, but at that time he was very much his father’s son.

Signed ‘HAK’ monogram and incised ‘Danmark’.

H. 34,5 cm. (13,5″)

W. 18 cm. (7,1″)

Exhibited: Den nordiske Udstilling i Stockholm, Sweden 1897.

Literature: Peder Rasmussen. Kählers Værk: om familien Kähler og deres keramiske værksted i Næstved 1839-1974. Nyt Nordisk Forlag, i samarbejde med Det Danske Kunstindustrimuseum, 2002.






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