‘Oldnordic’ terracotta evaporator

‘Oldnordic’ terracotta evaporator

‘Oldnordic’ terracotta evaporator by Michael Andersen

This impressive ‘Oldnordic’ urn / evaporator of terracotta by Michael Andersen (1859-1931) was executed around 1900.

The urn / evaporator is lacquered with an antique bronze. It is to be placed on top of a tiled stove where the content of water was then evaporated to compensate for the otherwise dry climate in a tiled stove.

The evaporator is richly decorated with Old Nordic motifs like dragons, runes, shields and ancient ornaments. The runes are the names of the legendary Nordic hero Regnar Lodbrog and his wife, Tora Borgarhjort.

Similar model is a part of the Michael Andersen exhibition at Bornholm Museum, Denmark.

Literature: Rønne Byarkiv. Michael Andersen: ‘Terracotta- und Majolokawaren – Export Katalog 1910’, Planche 5, nr. 473.

H. 18 cm. (7″)

W. 32 cm (12,6″)





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