High back leather upholstered armchair

High back leather upholstered armchair

High back leather upholstered armchair by Kaare Klint

This high back armchair of mahogany was designed by Kaare Klint (1888-1954) back in 1939.

It was manufactured by Rud. Rasmussen Cabinetmakers, Denmark.

The model is called ‘Nørrevold’ after the location of the building in central Copenhagen it was designed for. The model number is 5999.

The seat and back are upholstered with patinated black leather as well as the adjustable headrest.

Cabinetmaker Rudolf Rasmussen, born in 1888, the same year as Klint, had in 1904 taken over the family carpentry business from his father, founder Rudolph Rasmussen. 

Kaare Klint knew Rudolf from when they both attended Gregersens school in the well off neighbourhood of Frederiksberg. At the time a school where sons of architects and artists were mixed with the kids from the rougher neighbouring quarter (Nørrebro, where the Rud. Rasmussen family had their carpentry). 

The two peers would stick together and work together throughout their career. They even attended a local gymnastics team in their older years.

H. 114 cm. (44,9″)

W. 65 cm. (25,6″)

D. 68 cm. (26,8″)

Seating height 48 cm. (18,9″)






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