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  • Oxblood figurine of Saint Christophorus by Jais Henrik Nielsen
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    Oxblood figurine of Saint Christophorus


    Oxblood figurine of Saint Christophorus by Jais Henrik Nielsen

    This stoneware figurine of Saint Christophorus / Christopher - the patron saint of travelers - by Jais Henrik Nielsen (1885-1961) is decorated in an oxblood glaze with green elements.

    The figurine is signed 'Jais, 20616' and was executed in December 1944 by Royal Copenhagen. Denmark.  

    Legend has it that a giant named Offero would only serve the greatest he would meet. First he served his king. But soon learned that the king was afraid of Satan. So Offero went to Satan, only to find out that he was afraid of the cross of Christ. He then knew he could only serve Christ. An angel told Offero that he could do so by carrying travellers safely across a rushing river. One night, a child asked him to be carried across the river. But halfway across the river the boy suddenly became heavy as a mountain. Offero wondered about the weight that forced him to his knee. When the got to the other side of the river he said to the boy ‘The whole world would not have been as heavy on my shoulders as you’. The child replied ‘You had on your shoulders not only the whole world but he who created it. I am Christ, your king, whom you are serving by this work.’ Christ gave Offero the name Christophorus / Christopher, meaning Bearer of Christ. Christophorus put his rod in the ground, and it shot green leaves, and he understood that he should preach the gospel. H. 18,5 cm (7,3")