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  • Rare and early easy chair with Niger leather details by Arne Hovmand-Olsen
    DSC 4925 RED WEB

    Rare and early easy chair with Niger leather details


    Rare and early easy chair by Arne Hovmand-Olsen

    This rare teak easy chair has a curvy seat and the back is upholstered with light fabric. 

    Its armrests and buttons on the back are fitted with Niger leather. The chair was designed early in 1947 by Arne Hovmand-Olsen (1919-1989) and executed by J. L. Møllers Møbelfabrik in Aarhus, Denmark. It was one of the very first easy chairs Mr. Hovmand-Olsen and Niels Otto Møller, the founder of J. L. Møllers Møbelfabrik created together. And even one of the very first chairs that was executed at J. L. Møllers Møbelfabrik. The two men were both still in their 20s and just starting out on what would become very successful careers for both of them. Towards the end of the 1930s Arne Hovmand-Olsen worked at Peder Olsen Sibast carpentry on the island of Funen (a carpentry that later would become the more well-known furniture manufacturer Sibast Furniture which produced designs for Arne Vodder). But Hovmand-Olsen had the desire to create furniture designs himself, so he enrolled at Technical Collage in Århus in 1941.  A few years later towards the end of WW2, having finished his studies the young Hovmand-Olsen met Niels Otto Møller at the Trade Fair in Fredericia. N. O. Møller had recently set up production facilities and shop in Århus (where Hovmand had studied and resided) and was looking to expand his furniture production.  This chair became one of their first collaborations, if not the first. Literature: Møbelhandleren. No. 6, 1947. Illustrated and mentioned p. 17.

    H. 56 cm. (22")

    W. 52 cm. (20,5")

    D. 72 cm. (28,5")

    Seating height 37 cm. (14,6")

  • Rare set of four fumed oak chairs with black leather by architect Chris Sørensen for J. L. Møllers møbelfabrik on blue
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    Rare set of four fumed oak chairs with black leather

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    Rare set of four fumed oak chairs with black leather by  Chris Sørensen

    This rare set of four fumed oak chairs with patinated black leather is by architect Chris Sørensen. The chairs were designed in 1955 and executed by Nils Otto Møllers company 'J. L. Møllers møbelfabrik' in Aarhus, Denmark. The model number is 74. Fumed oak or smoked oak as it is also known has in fact nothing to do with smoke or heat treatment. The original light oak wood was made darker by exposing it to ammonia fumes. The ammonia reacts with the natural tannins in the wood, which gives it a darker colour and brings out the grain pattern. The longer the wood is exposed to ammonia the darker it gets. Apparently this ageing technique was invented by accident in England hundreds of years ago, when it was noticed that oak planks stored in the horse stable would darken because of exposure to the ammonia fumes from the horse urine. H 78 cm. (30,7") W 51 cm. (20") L 46 cm. (18,1") Seating H 42 (16,5")