About the FarverCramon Collection

The FarverCramon Collection is the embodiment of fine 20th century Danish design. The collection is a variety of original furniture, lighting, ceramics and other decorative objects mined directly from the source. It includes rare and one of a kind pieces especially by the Danish modern masters.

This online gallery features the pieces that are currently available for purchase. More from the vast collection will be released regularly. If you would like to be the first to know when that happens, sign up here.

Please enjoy the current selection and perhaps indulge in the great pleasure of owning your very own piece of history.



We are Peter Farver and Frederik Cramon, two Danes with a life long passion for Danish design. Our collection of remarkable originals is the result of this passion.

We believe the ideas and skills of Denmark’s finest architects and craftsmen should be forever treasured. By sharing our collection, we hope to play a part in helping their legacy live on.

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Find something you love

Feel free to browse the pieces currently available. You will see a variety of original Danish design, but are less likely to find design classics that are in production today. Those classics are easily obtainable elsewere.

We find that some of the rarer Danish modern designs deserve similar or even more recognition and accolade than the classics.



Make a wish

Should you have something specific in mind that you cannot find in our online gallery, then please do let us know. There is a good chance we already have what you desire. If not, we are happy to look for the design treasure you wish for. Being located in Denmark, we always have our ears to the ground and eyes open for exquisite new finds.

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We regularly post photos of pieces from the FarverCramon collection, as well as back stories and trivia for the vintage design interested.

      FC Guldskaal5 Slider


      We prefer to keep our pieces in their original condition. But being originals they might have wear. If you feel restoring is necessary, we have close relationships with leading restorers. Ask for a condition report to align expectations.


      When you fall madly in love with one or more of the available pieces from the FarverCramon collection presented online, please, don’t hesitate to get in touch for price and shipping quotes.


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